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Our Journey

Since meeting in Berlin in 2022, we’ve been exploring the concept of time through our
powerful sound, captivating visuals, and relatable lyrics 🎵

We bring a modern twist to Alternative Rock with Grunge & Metal influences,
while navigating diverse musical landscapes to keep our repertoire fresh and engaging ⭐

We are part of a thriving community aiming to connect with all generations of rock fans,
and we’re eager for you to join us on this ride 🤘🏻

Our first concert back in July 2022!

First Concert

After the first months of composing material and creating our sound,
we finally hit the studio to record our first single: Warm Heart 👇

We wanted our first single to be accompanied by an official video,
so we contacted our friends Marie & Alex at Polymorphian Resilience to help us bring it to life ✨

Say cheese 📸

Shooting of "Warm Heart" Video

After a year of hard work, on December 9th 2022 we finally released Warm Heart,
receiving overwhelming positive responses (not just from mum 💖)

Warm Heart - Spotify

The following year,

we finally released our debut EP Minds Unloaded on September 22nd 🎉

Minds Unloaded Cover

Combining the painting skills of our guitarist's father Torsten Gebhardt,
with the modelling of our friend
Moritz Russ, we created a stunning artwork that you won't easily forget


To celebrate a successful Release Party, we are preparing a live album of the event
and several music videos, to come out in early 2024 🎇

Live Unloaded Cover
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